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Saffron or Kesar in layman language is a spice derived from the floral parts of plant, Crocus Sativus commonly known as crocus saffron. With its vast health and skin benefits, saffron is often referred to as a medicinal and cosmetic wonder. It is widely used as an antidepressant, analgesic and aphrodisiac drug. Depending upon the geographical location of origin and its texture, saffron has many varieties. For great offer prices, get in touch with us today and we would love to provide you the best quality!
Shilajit is a Blackish Brown sticky or viscous substance found in the rocks of himalayas, karakoram ,bhutan, russia, etc.; the best one coming from higher reaches of Himalayas. We deal in both Raw rock form and its pure extract form. There are 3 forms in which this highly beneficial product can be extracted:
  • Powdered form - High impurities content coupled with lots of adulteration since it is a black powder
  • Solid Crystal form - Brittle black crystals which are often adulterated to increase the weight
  • Resin form - Purest form of Shilajit extract manufactured with our special procedure while following ayurvedic principles
Not compromising their customer centric approach and a legacy of purity, Puri Brothers Global deals only in the purest forms of Shilajit (both in raw as well as extract form) which can readily benefit consumers with its minerals and humic and fulvic acids.
Abiding by their name gallstones are stones extracted from the gall bladder of bovines. Also known as gorochan, Cattle Gallstones are used in many medicines to treat hepatitis and other liver and gall-bladder related ailments. They have been used in the traditional chinese medicinal system to clear the heart, remove phlegm, to treat come, to cure liver and remove toxicity etc. . They are available in two basic forms: Cow/Ox Gallstone (whole pieces) and Gallstone Powder (small pieces).
Morel Mushroom
This distinctive mushroom has a honeycomb-like structure. It is difficult to cultivate and is widely found in the wild areas. Thus its commercial harvesting has become a multi-million dollar industry. It is rich in vitamins and nutritional content especially in vitamin D. The unique flavor of it has made it an apple of the chef's eye. It usually grows in fertile, organic, moist and sandy soil. Morel Mushrooms and False Mushrooms are often confused with each other and a keen eye is required to pick the most genuine that can be used. Hence, it becomes vital to source these mushrooms from a trusted vendor who has enough experience. We have both the varieties of this nutritional delicacy which is processed at our premises -
  1. Morel Mushroom with tail (bottom stick)
  2. Morel Mushrooms without tail (without the bottom stick)
The name of this product is believed to have first originated in sanskrit form aguru. It is fragrant dark wood used for its fragrance in incense, perfume, and small cravings. Agarwood basically forms and depends on the self defense mechanism of Aquilaria trees in response to biotic and abiotic stresses used in medicinal and fragrance purposes. It is also known as wood of GODs and is being used as an offering to the GOD in many religious rites across the pages of history. They are being marketed under two broad heads: Agarwood Flake Chips and Agarwood Oil.
Medicinal/Keshi Pearl
Pearls are used far and wide due to their medicinal properties and usage in the wellness industry. The earliest records of their medicinal uses dates back to the 13th century and even they find a mention in ages old ayurveda. In the modern day pharmaceutical industry, pearls are used to cure a number of ailments such as cancer etc. Pearls produced in a controlled environment in aseptic conditions were found to contain traces of metal and minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium. These micro nutrients aid in immunity, metabolism and growth. Today, they find high use in the cosmetic industry as well. All sizes of kashi pearls are readily available.
Atis Bitter
Atis Bitter or Atis root (Aconitum heterophyllum) is yet another medicinal ayurvedic herb used widely in treating ailments such as fevers, malaria and acute respiratory diseases. The plant Ativisha grows in colder parts of India. It is abundant in the alpine regions growing up to a height of 2000 feet above the sea level especially in the himalayan reaches. For full benefits only pure form of it shall be used and not the adulterated ones.
Ambergris is a product of secretion from the bileduct present inthe intestines of sperm whales. It is majorly foundfloating on thesea or being washed up on coastlines and sometimesin theabdomen of dead sperm whales. This one of the strangestoccurrences of nature is used mostly as a flavouringsubstance orin the creation of perfumes or fragrance. In ancienttimes it wasalso used as an aphrodisiac and in treatment of anumber ofailments. It has a solid,waxy and greyish black textureand is aflammable substance.

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